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Friday, November 2, 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2013 - BARBARA I GONGINI

Barbara I Gongini, one of the many gifted designers who presented their collections at Copenhagen Fashion Week, creates Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process where experiments are carried out based on varying themes and and are taken as visual inspiration. Gongini's collection 17 contains many extraordinary features contrasting her work form those of many others in the field.

The whole collection is developed in a single form that is explored and re-interpreted in many different ways. Futuristic, asymmetric cuts are obtained through special folding and cutting techniques. Even though the creations show an exciting and unusual feminine undertone, the line between femininity and masculinity is not always clearly drawn. The whole collection creates a rather intimidating, yet mysterious and intriguing atmosphere reinforcing the fascination for the singular pieces. The lack of colors and accessories further outline the simple uniqueness of her collection.

As the show also demonstrates, Barbara i Gongini not only focuses on design but constantly co-operates with other artits within the music, photography and film industry to find the best possible inspiration for her work. High quality and respect for all ethical rules of the sustainable principle are kept throughout the process of production.

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