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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seductive and Ethereal - Francesco Scognamiglio S/S 2013

Francesco Scognamiglio always have different styles and silhouttes, but always managed to stay true to his genuine idea of what womens wear is all about. His woman personifies cenceptual glamour - she is seductive and ethereal. And for the spring of 2013 she is no different. The inspiration for this collection was an alluring mixture of glamour and nostalgia. Scognamiglio described the woman seen in the latest fashion show as a 20th century aristocrat who travels to Provence in a hot-air balloon.

Throughout the collection, Scognamiglio insited on feminime and romantic pieces with only a few promenades into the masculine world. The designer redemeed the lack of jewelry with golden crystal-encrusted bird embroidery that seemingly complimented the outfits.

The collection for the summer of 2013 can be perceived as designer's game of conservative forms and sensual see through materials, tactful polished hair and mysterious dark lips - the ultimate battle between noughty and nice. Which one will thrive?

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