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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Creepy Alien Boob Dress - Rome Fashion Week

Gianni Molaro

Attendees at Gianni Molaro's spring 2012 show at AltaRoma AltaModa fashion week in Rome got more than an eyeful this week when the designer sent a model dressed in, this thing down the runway.

Is this super-out-there look a do or do not? What do you thing the designer is trying to say? Is there any situation in which you could imagine wearing this gown? Hallowen? Sound off in the comments.

By far the most outrageous look on Molaro's catwalk, no easy feat considering his other exits comprised dresses made from umbrellas and giant wraparound collars emblazoned with the euro currency symbol-the giant single-breasted pointy-shouldered gown was topped with a striped mesh face mask.

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