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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Full Energy Design from Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld said the concept of a collection of Spring 2013 Ready-to-wear is a beautiful modern architecture.

Runway area at the Grand Palais, France, full of creations conjured up  in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld. The floor was covered with a blue solar panel full luster.
Ornaments wind turbines fill the left and right runway, complete fashion concept that describes the energy of nature.

"We all need energy. Energy is the most important thing in life, " says creative director for the fashion house Chanel, as quoted by Vogue.

The use of turbines and solar panels become a symbol of the energy and power of the fashion house Chanel at brilliant creations Lagerfeld.
Lagerfeld himself calls the concept demonstration for Spring 2013 collection of ready-to-wear is a beautiful modern architecture. That 79-year-old designer, applying technology into the realm of fashion, characterized by the use of material printed fabrics, woven, or the illusion of three dimensions.

In this collection, Lagerfeld brought the ranks of fashion baby doll wrapped in linen chambray, denim, gingham to tweed. Coupled with evening dress in black and white gloss combination. Designers who could strengthen the Fendi fashion house managed to combine the impression of light at the same time in a single volume, the design concept.

"The design of this time lifting dress full volume, yet remain light. Typically, the volume and the impression of light can not be used simultaneously, "said the designer who often quirky style.

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