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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shapewear Can Be Sexy, Look Stunning, Feel Stunning

Corset were designed to create a desired body shape but they were extremely bad for your internal organs and caused very painful side effects. Today we have shapewear that does the same thing, but better.

Shapewear is underwear that sucks you in and firms you up, giving you that ideal streamlined body. It comes in two types: compression and hosiery-based. Compression tends to be along the lines of your traditional girdle and hosier-based is made of stretchy tight fabric similiar to that found on tights.

The fact that shapewear can be sexy is no news, but Triumph keeps jazzing it up with new elements that make it look more like lingerie and less like correction undies. Triumph Shape Sensation 2012 Shapewear collection doesn't only serve its function, it is also aesthetic and sexy. Smooth styles include breathing shorts, tops, push up bras, high waist briefs, and regular panties.

The correction pieces are detailed with lace and bows and feature seamless tops and panties for creating a smooth silhouette under the clothes. Featured in beige, black, light and hot pink Triumph shapewear can be worn with almost any clothes. 

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