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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Katy Perry's Christmas Costume - Sexy

Sexy Latex Present

Katty Perry in sexy Latex Catsuit half white and half striped in red bearing a red ribbon and bow around her waist. Sleek and sexy! The catsuit also had a heart-shaped neck.

Sexy Toy Soldier

Two-toned bodysuit was all glitter and gold. Perry also had shoulder straps, cuffs and white over-knee boots. The look was completed with a hat and feather and katy Perry also carried fake mustache on a stick.

Katy Perry sexy Santa

Perry showed off her arms and legs in a strapless fur-trimmed red bodysuit with a puffy fur-trimmed skirt. Thesexy Santa outfit was completed with red furry hat, nude fishnet tights and black boots.

Well, if you planned to have an intimate Christmas celebration, these Katy Perry's sexy Christmas costumes can be inpired by.

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