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Friday, November 16, 2012

4 Outfit Ideas, How to Wear Your Favorite Flannel Shirt

You know you are all privy to the wonderful benefits that layering can bring to your cool-weather wardrobe. My be your favorite layering tools lacated in almost every girl's closet is a cozy, worn-in flannel shirt.

Now, we are taking averyone's favorite staple item and remixing to create a few new outfits with pieces you probably already own. Read on to check out some style tips!

1. Rustic Layering

Shirt, Boots, Pants, Sweater, Jacket, Bracelet

Play up this winter vibe by layering your flannel shirt with thick cable knit sweaters, utility jackets, denim, leather, or pretty much anything you find in your closet. Amix of different textures and fabrics will give you the most chic, street style kind of look. Above, sample of a mix of different textures and fabrics. Paired a red flannel shirt with a cream colored boyfriend cardigan, worn with skinny cargoes and topped off with a fur-lined denim jacket. Finish the look with a pair of boots and a few no-frills accessories, like this leather bracelet.

2. Night on The Town

Shirt, Skirt, Earrings, Clutch, Shoes

Most girls would never have an idea to make a flannel shirt as being appropriate for girls night out - but your most comfortable shirt can absolutely work: All it takes is a little bit of dressing up.

We'll be creative playing with the skirt - anything from a fitted bandage skirt to a leather A-line skirt, or even a hi-lo skirt like the one pictured below can work! 
A flannel shirt can look amazing with the sleeves rolled up to 3/4 length, unbuttoned a bit (maybe even to reveal a lacy cami), and tucked into a skirt. The two pieces juxtaposed together will look bold and funky, and will be even more awesome with statement earrings, heels, and a glamorous clutch. Just don't act too surprised when the Sartorialist appears out of nowhere to snap your picture.

3. '90s Throwback

Flannel Shirt, Tee, Pants, Shoes, Hat

'90s, of course, is the era that flannel shirts are most closely associated with.
If you are crazy for the '90s fashion renaissance, there's a way to get a cool, grungy '90s look without looking sloppy or overly dated, though! To start, try layering a flannel over your favorite graphic tee. If a concert tee is a little too Kurt Cobain-esque for your liking, go with any other graphic tee in your closet. Balance out the look with a pair of skinny-cut colored cords. Finish with a pair of sneakers and - if you're feeling really daring - bowler hat.

4. Outdoors and Cozy

Shirt, Jeans, Vest, Beanie, Boots, Gloves

Of course, probably the second strongest association people have with flannel shirts is a burly man chopping wood in the countryside. Well, it sounds insane to make "lumberjack chic" a cute look, but we can prove that we can make it.

Wear one of Quilted vest on top of a flannel shirt for an outdoorsy and functional (but still super adorable) look. Quilted vests are amazing for staying warm in harsh winds, and can be worn either inside or outside of most winter coats. Finish with pair of combat boots, a beanie, and chic finger less gloves. You will look perfect for playing in the leaves, going to a bonfire, picking apples, or pretty much any fun (and slighty cliche) fall activity.

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