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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tokyo Fashion Week-What's Been Trending There

Quirky Headwear

Having a bad hair day? Well what better way to cover it up than with a freaky cool head piece? It is just soo Anna Dello Russo! Quirky headwear has been a strong theme at this Tokyo Fashion Week. Just take a look at the fantastical knit headdresses from Ne-net, cocoon-like headgear from Matohu, and glow in the dark cage style pieces from Anrealage. Walking down the street in one of these brave looks will certainly make you talk of the town. Or, more realistically could be the perfect accessory for a fancy dress party!

Dance Wear

Take a leaf out of American Apparel and Jun Okamoto's books and wear dance clothes fashionably and comfortably. Loose, free-falling, and voluminous pieces are the perfect get up and go attire for a warm Spring Day.

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